Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back!

So I guess I am not the blogger I thought I was going to be.  It has been almost a year since my first and my last post.  This doesn’t go to say that I have had nothing to say.  We have had our share ups and downs this year and I have continued to have all my crazy emotions on my sleeve.  However, Austin and I are finished with school until August so maybe this will give me some time to get myself in the habit of posting to this blog more often.  And maybe it will keep my husband from having to hear all my problems all the time.

So a little update:

Austin is now working at eBay (which we both love).  So the bee nightmares have come to a stop.  However, eBay dreams have evolved!!!  Countless nights have I been told that he can’t remove the account hold for me or that he cannot remove the feedback.  One of my favorite hobbies now is to talk to him till he is halfway awake and angry cause he doesn’t understand why I don’t understand what he is saying. :)  I must be a really mean wife.  Anyways, the job is really great for him.  He is so good with people and he will have a business degree once he graduates.  We are hoping by then he will be able to move up at eBay!  I think he can do it.  He is pretty amazing.

I am not in nursing school!  I guess I am just not enough of a BYU smarty to get into the program.  That is okay though because I have found a major that I absolutely love!!  PUBLIC HEALTH!  Okay I know what everyone is thinking: What is public health?  Its this really cool degree where you get to help promote in the community health prevention.  I want to work on health program implementation in the communities like the anti-smoking education, immunizations, and all those really great life savers.  I still work at Nebo coaching gymnastics which is the love of my life :).  I love everything about gymnastics and I love where I work.  Austin said to me yesterday that he is really jealous of me because I get to have fun at work and I get to do something I really love.  I really am so lucky.

No on to my complaining (just for a moment):

So the newest thing in our lives is that I am terribly sick ALL THE TIME!  It has been a really hard thing for me to deal with.  I have tried a lot of different kinds of birth controls and cant seem to find anything that works. Right now I am throwing up all the time.  It makes it really hard to be positive, stay productive, and work.  I have been trying to get help from anyone else as to what I should do.  I don’t know if we should switch birth controls again… they all seem to make me feel horrible but they work!  I have some people say that maybe it’s a sign that maybe I should a little more faith in the Lord and maybe he wants me to have children.  That is something that is hard for me to accept.  I don’t think were quite ready for that kind of craziness.  Anyways,  I guess we will keep trying to figure things out.  One thing I know is that I need to stay more positive :)

 Thanks for listening to my rambling



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Shot in the Dark

Well I am finally taking a shot in the dark and creating a blog.  I assume it will probably be rarely followed but I am desperate to get my thoughts out in the world.  You know those people who keep everything to themselves; the kind of people who always are putting on a smile or who are unselfish and listen to everyone else’s problems and joys and rarely share their own.  I admire those people.  I am not one of those people.  I guess I wear my emotions on my sleeve you could say whether its happy, sad, mad, frustrated or anything else you could possibly think of. So I figured why not start a blog.  So here I am.

Hi, I am Taisha Marston.  I created this blog so I can talk about the things going on in mine and my husband’s life.  I have the most wonderful husband in the world!  Austin Marston.  We have been married for almost seven months so its still new and crazy!  I never knew that being a newlywed could take over your life!  I am still trying to get some order here in our house.  But I love it.  It’s been really fun.  I am currently going to BYU and I am dying to get into the nursing program.  It’s going to be really hard though.  Austin goes to UVU and is studying Business Management.  I am so greatful for his hard work; he only has a year and a half left at the very most.  However during this summer he is just going to be working for his cousin in the BEE business.  Oh my has it been an experience.  I can’t tell you how many nights he has woken up in the middle of the night trying to not get stung.  It’s pretty traumatizing to him.  I can’t help but laugh.

I know this post is probably pretty bland so I will try to leave you with one smile before I wrap this up.  So Austin and I went to Colorado this weekend to help move my dad back home.  One of the nights I woke up to find Austin stretching out trying to grab something above him.  He was in a dead panic saying "I have got to catch it".  I asked him what he was trying to catch and he didn't respond.  So I decided to try and wake him up because he looked so upset.  When I went to shake him he swung his arm in my direction and hit me right in the nose!!!  He finally woke up and felt so bad.  I guess that’s what I get when my husband is a Bee Keeper!  :) 

Anyways I am so excited to have a blog and I can’t wait to share more!